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2019 Irish Legends Gala

Notre Dame High School & St. Mary’s Grade School
cordially invite you to join us
at the
Irish Legends Gala honoring:

Jo Ann Ellis Iquinto ‘65
Theresa Cody White ‘66
Frank Aucremanne ’76

Clara Basile ‘76
Chuck Thayer ‘80
Dr. Carroll Kelly Morrison (Honorary)

Distinguished Young Alumnus Award
Matthew Lehosit ‘99

Saturday, April 13 at Via Veneto in Bridgeport, WV
Social begins at 6.00pm
Dinner at 7.00pm
Presentation of Awards Following Dinner

Attire: Business Cocktail
Event to Benefit Notre Dame High School & St. Mary’s Grade School
RSVP by April 8, 2019

Click here to download a printable registration form

22 February 2019

2019 Irish Legend – Clara Basile ’76

Clara Basile graduated valedictorian from Notre Dame in 1976. She is the daughter of the delightful Rafaella “Folly” (Romano) Basile and the late Tom Basile, both former Irish legends. Clara’s two siblings, Tom and Mark were also Notre graduates. Basile, Romano, Arco and Scott have a proud heritage and deep ties to local Catholic schools. Among them are many “Irish Legends,” most notable is Clara’s uncle, the late Coach Angelo Basile, for whom the basketball court is named. Clara had many honors and successes during her time at Notre Dame. She had the distinction of being chosen the school’s first Governor of Girl’s State. Classmate Sam Spenia immediately followed with a win at Boy’s State. It was the first time in WV history that two students from the same class took the state-wide honor in the same year. In true Irish spirit, Clara attended the University of Notre Dame in Indiana accompanying her brother Tom and Carmin Grandinetti, who were accepted in the prior two years. She was proud to be among one of the first classes to be admitted during a time when most women attended St Mary’s across the lake. Clara left Notre Dame for San Francisco where she still lives today. She studied to be an opera singer and ran a very successful restaurant and bookstore for 7 years. With some prompting by Clara’s father, who ran his own financial services firm, she changed course mid-stream to work as a floor trader on the option trading floor at the Pacific Stock Exchange. The timing was fortuitous. The combination of affordable home PCs, the advent of option trading and the proliferation of business news and data helped launch a successful career in finance. After one year at the Pacific stock exchange, Clara was hired by the prestigious San Francisco investment firm Bailard, Biehl and Kaiser. There she quickly rose from international research assistant to VP of foreign currency trading. In 1992, after four years at Bailard, Clara and three senior partners left to start Avalon Capital Management, a comprehensive wealth management firm in Redwood City, CA. Today, Clara is the senior portfolio manager at Avalon and the company’s CEO. She has spent 30 years counseling clients and developing models for managing global diversified investment portfolios. Her quantitative analytical model, Avalon Dynamic Allocation, is recognized for its ability to both capture upside return while cushioning assets during turbulent markets.

Clara will be honored at the Irish Legends Gala on Saturday, April 13. Sponsor/reservation information for the event can be found at

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10 Reasons to Attend NDHS

  • Faith and Family First
  • High Academic Achievement
  • Wide Variety of Athletic and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • 100% Graduation Rate and 98% Pursuing Higher Education
  • Nationally Accredited
  • Numerous Service Projects and Outreach to Community
  • Small Class Sizes
  • 12 Advancement Placement Courses Available
  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • Affordable Tuition with Financial Assistance available

Notre Dame High School not only addresses the academic but also the spiritual, moral, and emotional needs of their students. Notre Dame educates the total person, carrying out its ministry through development of character, integrity and personal conscience. Students in grades 7-12 attend the school where critical thinking skills are paired with basic skills and knowledge in the fine arts.

About Us

Our Mission

Education in Faith, Knowledge and Service Notre Dame High School is an academic, secondary school dedicated to the education and development of the total person. The school, unique in the area, carries out its ministry in the context of gospel values. The total curriculum aims to achieve the following:

  • Development of character
  • Maturing of critical thinking skills
  • Imparting of better basic skills and knowledge in the arts and sciences
  • Promotion of better understanding of respect for the human body through Religion classes and athletics
  • Deepening the aesthetic sense and appreciation
  • Preparing for responsible American citizenship and active participation in democracy
  • Expectation of active, responsible learning by all students

In its desire to contribute to the educational mission of the Roman Catholic Church, Notre Dame High School also seeks to foster the understanding of the dignity of the human person within the vision of Jesus, to build Christian community and to relate all knowledge to the News of Salvation and the Light of Faith.

Our History

Catholic education in Harrison County has a solid tradition of academic excellence. The long and rich history began in 1866 as St Joseph’s Academy for girls. St. Mary’s opened in 1914 as a boys’ preparatory school. The two schools consolidated in 1928. Notre Dame High School opened in 1955 with St. Mary’s becoming a grade school. Today St. Mary’s Grade School and Notre Dame High School are the only Catholic schools in Harrison County.

Our Catholic Identity

The Religion Curriculum includes The Creed, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Social Justice, Morality, Sacraments, Living a Christian Lifestyle, and Comparative World Religions.

Special Liturgical Celebration

  • Opening School Mass
  • Homecoming Mass
  • Mass of Thanksgiving
  • Advent Penance Service
  • Lessons in Carols
  • Lenten Penance Service
  • Rose and Candle
  • Baccalaureate Mass
The Student Body:

  • Attends Mass weekly at Immaculate Conception Church
  • Prays together every morning with focus on the Liturgical calendar
  • Participates in Pro-Life unit in January focusing on diverse pro-life issues.
Class and Organization Sponsored Service Projects

  • School-wide paper recycling
  • Christmas Adopt-a-Family
  • Mentorship to St. Mary’s Grade School Students
  • Easter family sponsorships
  • Annual Thanksgiving food and coat drive
  • Red Cross blood drives
  • NDHS Memorial Garden
  • Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast

Admissions Process

  1. Contact the school and schedule a day to visit
  2. Complete the application – Click here to download the application
  3. Request transcripts, test scores, and any special needs information from current school be sent to Notre Dame High School, attn: Admission
  4. Prospective students and parents meet with the Principal
  5. Admissions testing (if required)
  6. Complete financial agreement


Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Notre Dame High School, students must comply with all regulations set forth by the North Central Association for the accrediting of high schools in West Virginia. These regulations change from time to time, and Notre Dame’s policies will reflect these changes.

The following are required units that must be completed by students.

Religion 4 units

English 4 units

Mathematics (Algebra1 and above) 4 units

Science (2 lab sciences) 4 units

Social Studies 4 units

Physical Education/Health 2 units

Foreign Language (same language) 2 units

Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre) 1 unit

Electives (any of above) 2 units

Honors Classes

Advanced Placement (weighted 5.0)

  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science Principles
  • English Language & Comp
  • English Literature & Comp
  • Psychology
  • US History
  • Studio Art
  • Government & Politics
  • Human Geography

Honors Courses (weighted 4.5)

  • Advanced Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2
  • Chemistry 2
  • Environmental Science
  • English 9 & 10
  • Physics
  • Spanish 3 & 4
  • Trig/Pre Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

Note: Algebra I is not an honors course, but it is offered to qualified 8th grade students which allows for progression through AP Calculus BC

The Irish Gazette is a bi-weekly student run newspaper which was started at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. This year’s staff are Erin Turner, Julia Manley, Clare Cistaro, Maya Dalton, and Serena Sestito.

Get the Latest Irish Gazette Here!

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Notre Dame High School offers 27 different sports teams:

Fall Sports

Varsity Football
Varsity & Middle School Co-Ed Soccer
Varsity & Middle School Cheerleading
Varsity & Middle School Cross Country
Varsity & Middle School Volleyball
Varsity Boys & Girls Golf


Varsity & Middle School Boys Basketball
Varsity & Middle School Girls Basketball
Varsity & Middle School Wrestling
Varsity Boys & Girls Swimming


Varsity Baseball
Varsity & Middle School Softball
Varsity & Middle School Boys Track
Varsity & Middle School Girls Track
Varsity Boys & Girls Tennis

Our People Make Us Great


Kelly Light ’06 : Assistant Principal

Kelly Light ’06

Assistant Principal

Steve Petitto ’90 : Athletic Director

Steve Petitto ’90

Athletic Director

Julie Frosch : Principal

Julie Frosch


Jacqueline Reed ’94 : Counselor of Admissions

Jacqueline Reed ’94

Counselor of Admissions

Rebecca Korn ’89 : Guidance Counselor

Rebecca Korn ’89

Guidance Counselor

Ian McAra : Director of Advancement

Ian McAra

Director of Advancement

Sally Hardman : Finance Manager

Sally Hardman

Finance Manager


Del Delong : Mathematics

Del Delong


Sue Guido : Mathematics

Sue Guido


Melissa Winiecki : English

Melissa Winiecki


Melissa McAra ’94 : Religion

Melissa McAra ’94


Betsy Shearer : Middle School Multi Subjects

Betsy Shearer

Middle School Multi Subjects

Michelle Riggs : Finance, Academic Support, Virtual School

Michelle Riggs

Finance, Academic Support, Virtual School

Wayne Rowan : Music

Wayne Rowan


Diane Kinney : Chemistry

Diane Kinney


Christy Smith : History, Civics

Christy Smith

History, Civics

Dr. Angela McKeen : Chemistry, Physics

Dr. Angela McKeen

Chemistry, Physics

Linda Griffith : Health

Linda Griffith


Patty Dupont ’77 : Religion

Patty Dupont ’77


Dr. Ben Guido : Advanced Placement Social Studies

Dr. Ben Guido

Advanced Placement Social Studies

Andrelle McKinsey : English, History

Andrelle McKinsey

English, History

Jan Romain : Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Jan Romain

Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Teresa Musgrave :  Technology, Yearbook

Teresa Musgrave

Technology, Yearbook

Darlene O’Dell : Middle School Multi Subjects

Darlene O’Dell

Middle School Multi Subjects

Kevin Wright : Mathematics

Kevin Wright



Chris Pratt : Cook

Chris Pratt


Lorene Lilly : Secretary

Lorene Lilly


Justin Woofter ’99 : Technology

Justin Woofter ’99


Bub Squires : Maintenance

Bub Squires


Donna Nutter ’63 : Cook

Donna Nutter ’63


David Maurer : Transportation, Maintenance

David Maurer

Transportation, Maintenance

Rose Nicholas ’74 : Administrative Assistant

Rose Nicholas ’74

Administrative Assistant

Tommy Wilson : Maintenance

Tommy Wilson


Patty Rieser : Line Point of Service & Cafeteria Assistant

Patty Rieser

Line Point of Service & Cafeteria Assistant


Msgr. O’Brien Planned Giving Society

Monsignor John J. O'Brien

Monsignor John J. O’Brien

Membership to the Monsignor John J. O’Brien Planned Giving Society goes to those who have made Notre Dame & St. Mary’s a beneficiary in their estate plans. Monsignor O’Brien was instrumental in the planning and building of Notre Dame High School. To discuss leaving your legacy with a planned gift contact: Ian McAra Director of Advancement 304-623-1026

Notre Dame & St. Mary’s Fund

The Notre Dame & St. Mary’s Fund is an annual campaign which provides funds for academic and extra-curricular programs, building maintenance and improvement, and allows administration to keep tuition costs as low as possible. Everyone is asked to consider a gift to the Notre Dame & St. Mary’s Fund. In order for yearly campaigns to be successful and for financial growth to occur gifts received should reflect a balance between leadership gifts ($1,000+) and broad participation. Gifts to the fund directly benefit our students and are greatly appreciated. To make a gift to the Notre Dame & St. Mary’s Fund, please send checks to: Notre Dame & St. Mary’s Fund,127 East Pike St., Clarksburg, WV  26301

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Notre Dame High School 127 East Pike St. Clarksburg, WV 26301

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