Fr. Joe Konikattil
Designated Pastor
Kelly Light ’06
Loria Cavallo
Assistant Principal
Rebecca Korn ’89
Guidance Counselor
Jacqueline Reed ’94
Counselor of Admissions
Claudine Rogers ’86
Athletic Director/Administrative Assistant
Ashley Vernon
Advancement / Development


Albert Altovilla
Technology Specialist & Yearbook
Abbigail Blosser
Algebra / Geometry / Trigonometry
Melissa Butera
English / Advanced Literature
Patricia Dupont ’77
Religion / Theology
Diane Kinney
Chemistry & Assistant Athletic Director
Jason Lake
History / Geology / Psychology
Melissa McAra ’94
Religion / Religious Artifacts
Dr. Angela McKeen
Chemistry / Physics
Dr. Carroll Morrison
Krista Power
School Nurse & Health
Michelle Riggs
Academic Support & Virtual School Classroom
Susan Ricketts
Science / Biology
Christy Smith
History / Civics
Craig Snider
Gloria Strauss
Cecilia Landers
Performing Arts Conservatory
Amber Goldizen
Middle School Social Studies / STEAM
Krista Paugh
Middle School Language Arts
Cindy Yazvac
Middle School Mathematics
Rose Nicholas ’74
Administrative and Classroom Assistant


Patty Rieser
Cafeteria Point of Service
Kristyn Woofter
Donna Nutter ’63
David Maurer
Facilities / Maintenance & Transportation
Bub Squires
Tommy Wilson

Our History

Catholic education in Harrison County has a solid tradition of academic excellence. The long and rich history began in 1866 as St Joseph’s Academy for girls. St. Mary’s opened in 1914 as a boys’ preparatory school. The two schools consolidated in 1928. Notre Dame High School opened in 1955 with St. Mary’s becoming a grade school. Today St. Mary’s Grade School and Notre Dame High School are the only Catholic schools in Harrison County.