Notre Dame High School

06 December 2018

Al & Joanne Schopp Visit Robotics Lab

At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, former Principal Dr. Carroll Morrison, organized a campaign to raise funds for a new robotics lab at Notre Dame in honor of Al & Joanne Schopp. With additional donations from Roger & Suzi Lehosit and Leidos, the friends and family of Al & Joanne have raised just over $8,500 to renovate a former storage room into a robotics lab and purchase all necessary equipment.

On December 6, Dr. Morrison brought the Schopp’s to visit the lab where they met members of the robotics team. Seventh graders, Christian Arnold & Landon Frosch, and eighth graders, Julian Fazzini & Ben Peters gave a demonstration of everything that they had learned while participating on the team. The robotics lab is also available to all middle school students during their STEM classes.

Mr. Schopp, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of Antero Resources, explained to the students the importance of logical thinking in the petroleum engineering field. Pictured from the left are Dr. Carroll Morrison, Joanne Schopp, Al Schopp, Julian Fazzini, Landon Frosch, Ben Peters, and Christian Arnold