Notre Dame High School

17 September 2018

Devin O’Sullivan is Youngest Finisher at the Morgantown Marathon

After a fourteen week training program, Notre Dame senior, Devin O’Sullivan, ran the Morgantown Marathon on September 15th completing the hilly course in a time of 5.00.59.

O’Sullivan, who was the youngest person to finish the race, said, “I felt really excited at the start and felt good for the first section of the race. I hoped to achieve my goal of running under 4 hours.”

As the race went on O’Sullivan’s knee started to hurt and at the 17 mile mark it really started to cause him problems. “My knee was hurting badly,” O’Sullivan said, “The people at the aid stations really helped me to continue and it was a miracle when another runner stopped and gave me biofreeze, as that really made a difference.”

When asked to elaborate on what kept him going as things got difficult, O’ Sullivan said, “I would never have been able to finish without the support of my family, especially my brother Dylan. Also each mile marker honored a veteran and that inspired me as I thought about my Grandfather who was in the military.”

At the completion of the race, O’Sullivan said he felt the greatest feeling of accomplishment despite being physically drained but is already planning on running another 26.2 miles at the Marshall Marathon in November.