Notre Dame High School

11 October 2019

Homecoming Activities Set for the Week of October 13-19

Notre Dame Homecoming Week will begin on Sunday, October 13 and run through Saturday, October 19. Many activities will take place during the school day but there are also activities where families, alumni, and friends are invited to attend.

Sunday,10/13: Hall Decorating 4-6, with pizza provided in cafeteria starting at 5:30.

Monday, 10/14: Pajama Day.

Tuesday, 10/15: Meme/Vine Day and corn hole tournament

Wednesday, 10/16: Green and Gold Day; all classes before lunch; field day class competition in gym where all are welcome

Thursday, 10/17: Dress up Day (dress uniform for student body, dress up for court). Mass at 8:00; Court Assembly at 10:30 Princesses and Queen released for lunch with parents.

Friday, 10/18: Theme Day; all classes before lunch; skits after lunch.

Everyone welcome to attend the evening activities on Friday which are as followed:
Float decorating at VA from 4-6; parade to field at 6; Court presentation at 6:30-7; Senior Night and Eighth Grade presentation from 7-7:30; Food and Music approximately 7:30-8:30; Powder Puff and 7 on 7 games from 8:30- 9:30.

Saturday, 10/19: Dance at Clarksburg Country Club, 8-11 with court introduction at 7:45. After party in cafeteria with games and snacks immediately following dance; breakfast served by parents from 1:30-2:00am