Notre Dame High School

19 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Kevin Nguyen

What I am most thankful for would be the people who are willing to teach me. These people are the ones who sacrifice their time, effort, and talents to teach me something new. This includes not only my teachers and coaches but also my friends and family. Through this they all have influenced and given me the experiences that can deal with future events in my life. These things can be as simple as cooking an omelet or as complicated as teaching me how to do calculus. For these are the experiences that shape who we become in the future and how we react to others.

The people who have taught me first and still are would be my parents. They have taught me proper manners, morality and basic fundamentals in life. These are usual in raising children but mine were very thorough in theirs, making me into a well rounded child. Their teachings have been the basis of my character and have led me to a good path. I am thankful for my parents and for all they do for me, especially the necessary teachings given to me.

After I left my parent’s hands for elementary school, these teachers imparted to me the knowledge which will develop my future. This showed me that the teachers in my life are important. Even today these school teachers give me good lessons on the subject at hand but also some for the future. I am thankful for of all these school teachers who have given me the knowledge to work with.

Finally for the future teachers I encounter, I will thank them in advance for they are the ones who will continue the nurturing of the students. The good experiences that are shown will further my thanks and advance the understanding of my life. My thanks now envelopes all the teachers, coaches, mentors, and educators of the world for they are the people who raised me and my generation.