Notre Dame High School

02 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Kristine Waddell

My mother is selfless, patient, and strong. She has shown me these wonderful qualities and more during the time we lived alone from around 2002-2013. These years on our own allowed us to build an unbreakable bond, a solidarity between the two of us that reminds me that I am never alone. She gives all of herself to everyone around her, especially me.

My mother shows me every day what greatness looks like. She gave me an unforgettable and wonderful childhood filled with belly laughs that left me with cramps and tears coming out of my eyes. Every day she did whatever she could to bring me as much happiness as possible. She knows I am just about the worst person in the world to have to wake up in the morning so, being the saint she is, she would sing to me. She has an awful voice, and she knows it, but every morning she would sing me a very happy little tune that she made up herself just to make sure the first thing I heard in the morning was something pleasant.

Both of our lives are much more hectic now than in those days when it was just the two
of us. We’ve added four people to our household, and my mom is the one that takes care of all of
us. I tease her all the time about thinking that she has to physically hold up our house, but I’m
not totally convinced the whole place wouldn’t just collapse without her. I’m not sure how she
even finds time to take a breath between the million tasks she performs every day.

Even during her deepest struggles she doesn’t show any sign of wavering. She is the rock for everyone else. She tells me she doesn’t like to cry around other people because she knows it makes them feel bad for her and she doesn’t want that. Two years ago her parents were in an accident that left her father paralyzed, and I cannot ever remember a time she broke down because of it. This is because as soon as it happened she was taking care of the situation to the best of her ability. Every time I talk with her about the incident she listens with empathy, but she tells me it just doesn’t make her that sad because she is so happy that she can see both of her parents every day instead of visiting them in a graveyard. Her positive outlook on life is truly inspiring, and something I definitely did not inherit but hope to learn.

My dad was the first person I have ever heard describe my mom as a saint, and I don’t think I have ever heard anyone else describe her more perfectly. She has lived her life entirely for others, all the while managing to keep an incredibly positive outlook no matter her circumstances. She is the bravest, kindest, most beautiful woman I have ever met, and I am so proud that she’s my mama.