Notre Dame High School
27 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Pat Snuffer

The first time I saw this topic my mind was racing. I live an amazing life! My life is great from going to an amazing school to coming home to a warm bed. Out of all these amazing aspects of my life, the main thing I am thankful for is my family. My family has...
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19 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Kevin Nguyen

What I am most thankful for would be the people who are willing to teach me. These people are the ones who sacrifice their time, effort, and talents to teach me something new. This includes not only my teachers and coaches but also my friends and family. Through this they all have influenced and given...
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13 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Jacob McGuire

Life often distracts people from realizing how many blessings they truly have. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the perfect time to reflect on all that there is to be thankful for. I am truly thankful for my parents and all of the sacrifices they have made for me. They work long days...
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05 November 2018

Robotics Team Qualifies for States

The Notre Dame “Leg Godt” Robotics team qualified for the state competition to be held at Fairmont State University on December 1 by winning the core values division at the RCB national aerospace education center. The team name “Leg Godt” is Danish for “Play Well” and was the basis for the name of the Lego...
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02 November 2018

“I am Thankful” – Kristine Waddell

My mother is selfless, patient, and strong. She has shown me these wonderful qualities and more during the time we lived alone from around 2002-2013. These years on our own allowed us to build an unbreakable bond, a solidarity between the two of us that reminds me that I am never alone. She gives all...
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30 October 2018

Dr. Angela McKeen Hosts WV State Science Teachers Association Conference

Notre Dame Science Teacher, Dr. Angela McKeen, recently coordinated and hosted the 2018 West Virginia State Science Teachers Association’s Fall Conference alongside the WV State Science Coordinator, Robin Sizemore. The conference brought together over 250 science teachers, university professors, preservice teachers, state representatives, and informal educators to Stonewall Resort for the largest science professional development...
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29 October 2018

“I am Thankful” – Daniel McGuire

Above all, I am thankful for God Most High, who gives us life and all within, Who gives us opportunity to exist for something much greater than ourselves, And who gives us grace to do it well—much better than we may realize. I am thankful for my own ignorance—ignorance not of a wicked type, but...
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17 October 2018

“I Am Thankful” – Amy Frosch

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Mrs. McKinsey’s English class wrote about what they are thankful for. Student Body President, Amy Frosch, kicks off the series of essays. I am thankful for West Virginia and all the opportunities our state has provided. From West Virginia’s beautiful scenery to the organizations available here, West Virginia has been a...
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11 October 2018

Notre Dame Students Win Prestigious WVSSAC Academic Awards

Inez Behrens, Gene Hutchinson, and Amy Frosch have all won prestigious WVSSAC academic achievement awards for the 2017-2018 school year. Behrens won the middle school female community service award, Hutchinson picked up the middle school male community service award, and Frosch won the high school female community service award. The deputy board members of the...
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