Notre Dame High School

24 August 2018

What Are The Odds??

What are the odds of Notre Dame graduates and a current student bumping into each other in Ireland? It happened on August 10 at a 6th century castle in Galway. Betty and Gene Larosa, who both graduated in 1956, and Marion, a 2015 grad, and Hunter Emerson, a senior student at Notre Dame, all traveled to Ireland with different groups over the Summer. Hunter said, “Marion asked me, ‘Do you realize who that is? It’s Mr. & Mrs. Larosa.'” Betty and Gene are well known among all of the current students and recent graduates as they attend many of their sporting and other events. You never know when you may run into a member of the Notre Dame family. Pictured in Ireland from the left are Betty Larosa, Hunter Emerson, Marion Emerson, and Gene Larosa.