Notre Dame High School

21 May 2018

The Class of 2018

Thirty four students graduated from Notre Dame High School on Sunday, May 20 at a ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church. Congratulations to the following: James Baker, Megh Bailey, Nathaniel Bee, Kyle Byrd, Marielle Carter, James Cava, Anthony Cistaro, Clare Cistaro, Jacob Coole, Maya Dalton, Andrew Davis, Jerome Dri, Jared Fagan, Matteo Fazzini, Todd Griffith, JR Keener, Ryan LaAsmar, Rylee Laya, Sergio Lopez, Julia Manley, Ally McMunn, Hunter Mullens, Christian Palmer, John Podesta, Cody Porter, Jeremiah Ritter, Andrew Rogers, Hunter Rowh, Serena Sestito, Lauren Smith, Will Snider, Hunter Southern, Luke Talkington, and Erin Turner. Best wishes to the class of 2018.